Quick Home & Herbal Remedies for Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are eaten the issues that endured by most of the women around the globe when going through menopause. There are many remedies to treat the issue both from the modern medicine and from the natural sources. If you are looking for completely safe and cost-effective way to get rid of the issue, herbal and home remedies are here to solve your problem.

Remedies for Hot Flashes

Black Cohosh can be a good remedy that you can take as a pill or can have it as tea. Take it a couple of time of a day. You will witness the result within one or two weeks. Always remember that the natural remedies work slowly with our body. So, with them, you will never get an instant result but over the long run, they can be more gentle and effective on our body.

Aloe vera is the cooling herb that considered the immortal plant by the Egyptians. You can find the preps for internal use or can use it as the flower essence to bring a cool feeling. It is a good choice to treat the hot flashes.

Korean ginseng is best to give you a proper mental focus and energy by bringing cool relief. To treat the hot flashes use minimum 4 years old ginseng.

For the sweating issue, you can try Sage as a part of your herbal remedies to cure hot flashes. Use 1 ounce of leaves with some boiling water and steep ten minutes. Drink a cup of drink two or three times a day. You can use sage as your essential oil and use it in a diffuser.

Hot flash relief can be a simple matter of wearing lightweight, loose-fitting cotton clothing. Cotton allows perspiration for evaporating cools the skins faster and makes you feel comfortable. Dressing in layers can help a lot also. You can layers off as the body heats up and put back them on.

To keep yourself calm and cool, take the help of yoga. This is a proven trick that showed the effective result from the ancient age.

You can take 33o milligrams of the licorice extract three times of a day for minimum eight weeks to reduce the frequency of hot flashes. Benefits of the herb last for two weeks after stop using the herm. The root of the Licorice contains a high amount of phytoestrogens.

Fax seeds, sesame seeds are also an excellent home remedy to treat hot flashes.

Avoiding for Hot Flashes

Caffeine, nicotine these are stimulants and increase blood pressure and cause the blood vessels to dilate.  One of the natural reactions of the stimulant of your body is “flushing”. When decreased the estrogen production, causes hot flashes during menopause or post-menopause. So avoid nicotine, caffeine. Keep away from alcohol, which is a depressant rather a stimulant that dilates the blood vessels, increase the BP level and trigger hot flashes. So, avoid these things first.   Some medication like the medicated marijuana or some vitamins can cause hot flashes also.

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