Dangerous Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep – Causes and Cures

Experts recommend seven to nine hours deep and quality sleep to have a healthy and fit body. But due to the crazy demand of our world, most of the people don’t get the much-needed sleep and many people suffer from severe sleep deprivation. More surprising point is most of the people think that lack of sleep is a common and not a big deal. But in some cases, chronic deprivation of sleep can be a dangerous thing. There are numerous side effects of lack of sleep that not only affect your personal life but also your professional life.

Lack of sleep is known as insomnia and sleeping pills are not just the right solution for it.

Reasons for lack of sleep
Having too much stress in life, noise, breathing disorders, drinking and smoking habits can be the reasons for it and physical and psychological disorder.

Side effects:
A headache
The first side effect that comes with severe sleeplessness is a headache. An intolerable headache can later progress to the unbearable migraines.

Decreased concentration
When you are suffering from sleeplessness your muscles get tired resulting in the lower concentration. This can be dangerous for you when you are in a job that involves operating hardcore machines or driving any type of vehicles. Less of concentration can be a bigger trouble when you are working any creative tasks.

Poor memory recollection
During deep sleep our brain starts processing the routine of our day by making connections between sensory input, events, memories, and feelings. If we don’t get enough sleep our brain may not able to process the things and will not be able to remember things better.

Negative behavior and depression
Sleeplessness can create a drastic effect on the mental health of a person. If you are drained and tired constantly, you will feel terrible, negative and moody. Sleep impacts several chemicals in our body including serotonin. People, with serotonin deficiency, are more likely to suffer from the issue of depression.

Serious health issues
Insomnia or sleep order can increase your risk of heart attack or another heart disease, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and irregular heartbeat. Even lack of sleep at night can cause nausea at morning and it can lead to vomiting also.

Decreased immunity and reduced extent growth
Insomnia reduces the secretion of cortisol hormone and decreases the immunity power and growth of the body.

Obesity is a common factor in today’s world and lack of sleep can cause obesity. It also disturbs other major hormones that responsible for the metabolism of the compounds like glucose.

Disturbed the repair process of your body
Without enough amount of sleep, our body loses its capacity to repair itself properly. Our body produces more protein during sleep time and these proteins molecules are responsible for repairing the damage to your body.

Increase the risk of cancer
According to the recent studies, people who work in the late shift have more risk of colon or blood cancer lack of sleep may reduce the level of the melatonin. Melatonin is an important hormone that regulates sleep and creates a shield against the deadlier cancer by suppressing the growth of the tumor.

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