Study Links Liver Disease To Teenage Alcohol Drinking

Alcohol is one of the alarming causes of liver cirrhosis and other liver-related diseases and even deaths also. There was a long-term research study conducted in Sweden and the final results have just confirmed the fact consuming alcohol during the late teenage time could be the vital step towards liver problems in the time of adulthood. The Journal of Hepatology strongly claims that the alcohol consumption in men should be revised downwards.

Now you might be wondering to know what’s the safe limit of consuming alcohol during the adolescence span of time. Well, on the basis of researchers conducted in several countries, 30 grams is the safer amount of alcohol consumption to avoid any kind of liver-related problems in future. The lead investigator Hannes Hagström, MD, Ph.D., of the Center for Digestive Diseases, Division of Hepatology, Karolinska University Hospital, stated: “Our study showed that how much you drink in your late teens can predict the risk of developing cirrhosis later in life.” This particular amount 30 grams per day is almost equivalent to three drinks per day. This particular study has shown the fact that the much you drink during your late teens can actually determine the risk of developing liver cirrhosis or other liver-related diseases in later part of life.

A very interesting medical study was conducted by the investigators to know the association between alcohol consumption during the teenage time with the development of liver-related diseases or liver cirrhosis at the later stage of life. Now you might be feeling eager to know the interesting part of that particular study. The research team used the data taken from a nationwide population-based study and that date only filtered the Swedish men who were in military service during the time period of 1969-1970. The results were adjusted for few crucial factors that include BMI, smoking habit, use of narcotics, cognitive ability, and cardiovascular capacity.

The final data of this particular study indicated that alcohol consumption early in the teenage life was strongly intermingled with the elevated risk of developing the severe type of liver-related issues including liver cirrhosis. This study had been sincerely followed up for 39 years and 383 men were diagnosed with the liver cirrhosis, decompensated liver issues, liver failure and even deaths also. The risk was completely dose-dependent and it was more frequent in men whose daily alcohol consumption is as low as six grams of the day also. If this particular result works as a fear in men and leads them to reduce the cut off level of daily consumption of alcohol, there will definitely be a reduced incidents of alcohol-related liver diseases in men in future.

According to the report on alcohol and health published by World Health Organization in the year of 2014, yearly 493,300 deaths are caused by alcohol-related cirrhosis. Unfortunately, there has no surefire treatment that can completely prevent the alcohol diseases and that’s why youths should be more alarmed about their daily alcohol consumption and they should definitely limit the intake.

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