Regular Sex Can Get Rid Of Kidney Stones Without Pain – Study Finds

Who doesn’t love to have sex? It’s the best thing! But wouldn’t you be shocked to hear that having sex 3-4 times in a week can actually help you to get rid of kidney stones, Obviously, it seems like a joke but at the end of the day, it’s TRUE. A prescription to have sex to get rid kidney stones may sound actually absurd but a significant vital result published by the University of Ankara, Turkey has proved it right.

Getting rid of kidney stones has never been so much easy before.

You are a man and developing kidney stones is not a very uncommon thing among men. It’s not too large at all and sometimes it passes on its own. When you are dealing with kidney stones, your doctor may give you three options-

Just wait patiently until it passes on its own

Use prescription medicine like tamsulosin (Flomax). This medicine helps to relax the muscles of the bladder so that the stones can pass more easily.

Finally, have sex three to four times in a week

No wonder, the obvious winner of the game is…SEX.

The Journal Of Urology conducted a medical study on 75 men with a moderate size of kidney stones. These 75 people were divided into the three groups mentioned as the above. 31 men were put in the “Have Sex For Eliminating Kidney Stones” group and out of the 26 men passed the kidney stone. It is 84% and the entire time that it took is a span of 10 days. 10 men from the group of 21 participants in the “Flomax” group passed the stone and it was 58%. It took total 17 days.

Last and finally, only 8 men of the 23 participants passed the stone within an average of 18 days. The percentage was 18 days. The men with kidney stones were really confused to choose a group to be in and that’s the reason why 75 men were randomly assigned to the groups to make the study more reliable.

Prescription Sex For Curing Kidney Stones:

If one of your friend or close one has just got diagnosed with the kidney stone and you want to give him the good news, you should know one thing that this type of treatment procedure is only applicable for the particular size of kidney stones. Stones that are more than the size of 7mm are less likely to pass on their own and stones that are more than 10 mm in size cannot pass through. on its own.

The average size of the stone in this particular study was the 5mm and these men had the stones on the lower end of the ureter. Now you might be wondering to know what a ureter is. Well, it’s a tube that runs from the kidney to the bladder.

These were the right guys for that experiment. Now you should how it worked. When a man reaches to the orgasm during the course of having sex, it neutrally relaxes the muscles of the ureter and makes it possible to pass the kidney stone easily.

If you have medium sized kidney stone with no severe pain, you should consider to talk to your partner about the doctor’s prescription of having multiple numbers of sex during a week and get rid of the stones naturally.

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