Study Finds Bald Men Are More Sexier and More Attractive – American Hair Loss Association

For several years the baldness of men has been a struggle for many; some feel old, others suffer from diseases that cause this. However, studies have shown that bald men are more attractive, more masculine and therefore more men than others, and women also confirm this theory. So, if you are losing hair, do not worry, you can serve as a new look to attract the attention of women and feel much better, stronger and dominant, do not hide your baldness with wigs or hats.

On average, men begin to lose hair at 35, but it is not until 50 that they can lose up to 45% of their hair. However, there are others who begin to lose it at 20 years of age, but in these cases, you have to be careful because it can be a disease.

Thanks to the studies conducted by the American Hair Loss Association, the fear or anguish of men has been removed from not having hair. They even suggest that they do not hide the loss of hair, but cling to it and rather shave the head, giving the same sensation that you get when you shave your beard. To give more confidence to this process, society has shown great acceptance by bald men and respect them more than in previous years when this was considered unpleasant. Therefore men who begin to fall hair are encouraged to shave completely once from the first signs of thinning hair.

Maybe young people are not so attracted to shaving their heads and would worry if their hair started to fall out, but once a person recognizes and accepts their baldness, their confidence and self-esteem value increase drastically, and women always find them more attractive and sexy, although there is no exact explanation of why this happens, there are several theories.

For many, it is easier to relate to them because usually, a woman tends to look first at a man’s hair, but not having it can look into the eyes and in that way have a better eye contact that allows a faster and better connection. Another theory states that women associate shaved men with babies and that is why their maternal instinct is activated. Some also have preferences for facial hair in men, but others prefer them shaved and clean.

However, they all concluded and agreed that, whatever the facial styling style that men choose, they should always be careful and hygienic, since unkempt beards are not at all attractive, and also does not affect their appearance. Attractive bald or shaved head. Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest attractions that a man can have. So if your hair is starting to fall does not use more treatments to combat it, rather accelerate the process by shaving it completely and showing your head shaved. You will begin to feel much better and will give you full confidence, in addition to increasing your self-esteem, and that is not to mention that you can get a woman faster than with a big head of hair.

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